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Beaten for Speaking Against CDC

MONROVIA November 8–One of the   brothers   who entered into fist fight late last  year for expressing  his dissatisfaction over the elections of president George Weah said  he feels unsafe as long as those who beat  and wounded him are still active in politics.

As a result of that, he left Liberia to a foreign country last year. Asked  why he had to inform the media about this, he said, there was fear that worse one would happen to him.

Mr. Deakamea Andrew Diawon, who used to sell phones and other items in central  Monrovia  told this paper last year that he had to leave Liberia for another country because his life is not safe and the political climate was also unsafe.

Jenkins with blood on him

He and some  supporters of the Congress for Democratic Change(CDC) entered into an argument over political differences.  “For me, I supported Alexander Cummings and we told them that it was a big mistake for them to vote for George Weah at this time. We told them that he was inexperience to run this country and was a political novice. As soon as I said that,  the  boys, who told us they were working with Jefferson Kojee beat on us at the point of death,” he said as he showed his wounded body.

When his brother attempted to rescue him, he was also beaten to the point of death.

Diawon and his bother were mobbed in front of a police officer. Realizing the seriousness of his wounds, he was rushed to the nearby police station. Later, the commander of the depot ordered the detention  of those who mobbed them.After their detention, the story changed, he added.

“But there was a telephone call from some top CDC people to the police station. After that, they released the men and threatened to beat us more” he said.

Asked for his other bother, Jenkins Diawon jr, he said, he has to leave  for Ghana. “This is where he is right now.  We still feel that they can harm us and nothing will come from it.” TNR



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