Boost To COVID-19 Preventions


As Chinese Humanitarian Donates Testing Kits

The Liberian Government says it has received a consignment of testing kits from a Chinese Humanitarian.

Addressing reporters at the regular Tuesday press briefing, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Smith Toby said the kits were a donation to African nations to help them in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID 19).

Deputy President press secretary Smith did not provide the name of the Chinese Humanitarian who made the donation to the African nations when he said that what was provided to the Liberian Government is her share of the kindness of the Chinese Humanitarian.

He said that the Liberian Government has decided to designate places for testing of the COVID-19.

He said the Samuel K. Doe (SKD) Sports Stadium has been designated as one of the places that the testing of the COVID-19 is expected to start.

When he was quizzed how will the testing be done and by what means people will be tested, he said “those who will run the test will speak to that” as he too was not sure how the best would be conducted.

Toby said the focus of President George M. Weah is how to have Liberians keeping safe by following all the preventive measures put into place by health authorities.

He added that as means of helping the health authorities’ messages to go through, the president has produced music about the COVID-19.

He furthered that the president has approved what is known as “Executive mobile Awareness  Team” to take the preventive messages to Liberians.

He said the vehicles that should have been used for the president’s counties tours are now being used for Awareness purposes.

“It is his way of keeping the citizens engage,” Toby said.

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