‘By Your Actions, Interactions Let Justice Be Done To All’


Liberia’s  Vice President,  Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor has cautioned members of the African Bar Association (AFBA), to ensure that justice is done or served to all either by their actions or interactions.

She said this at the start of the AFBA annual conference taking place at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.  Madam Taylor blamed the lack of  trust in the Liberian justice system to the many protest being witnessed in the Country  in recent time.

She emphasized that many Liberians see the outcome of the court as imperfect and almost unfortunate situation when justice is no longer blaming, but that justice is partial and unequal saying, “those protest that you see were set up because people do not believe that the justice system can give them justice.”

The Liberian Vice President indicated that a common system of laws on the legal profession and the court should provide the space so that complaints, adjudication, justices, and punishments are seen as fair and right.

Madam Taylor further bewailed; “As the African Bas Association gathered here to consider  the role of lawyers in the new renaissance, this calls for a legal profession to understand the rule, made them, abide by them, and ensure there is justice for all; and not just to look for any conflict, but to set a standard that citizens can depend on and rely on the court system as an environment of truth.”

Many Liberians believe that there is no more justice for the poor and that if you are under privilege or disadvantage, justice cannot favor you,” Howard-Taylor lamented. “Many others believe that the quality of our day is influencing the outcome  of the Supreme Court, yet other feel there is no need to go to court, and that in order to get justice, they must take the law into their own hands.”

“But the law will say to the bar, protection for all regardless of societal status or influence. It is  something which holds everyone accountable, it is a system of rules governing the conduct of men and women as members of society. And it shows the unique duties that everyone must uphold and ensuring that no one is denied justice and that anyone guilty will be punished according to law.”

It is her prayer that during their four days session, compliance of local and international laws will not only be considered, but also compliance with the rules and procedurals which governed the noble profession across the African continent can ensure the legal system provides justice for all people.

She also recommended  the regulation of AFBA members, as well as the sanctioning of members when necessary.TNR

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