Cape Mountainians Want Sierra Leonean Nationals Out Of Elections


Launched Media Campaign
Ahead of this year’s midterm Senatorial Elections across Liberia, some youths of Porkpa District and some defeated Senatorial Candidates in the 2019 Senatorial Bi-election in Grand Cape Mount County, have launched a media campaign in the county to prevent Sierra Leonean nationals from participating in the Cape Mount Election process.

Mr. Hussine Seimavula and Boima Kono alleged that the involvement of other Nationals in the electoral process of Cape Mount, leads to the wrong election of leaders for the county. They alluded that from the 2017 Election over 7000 Sierra Leonean Nationals Participated in the Liberia Electoral Process.
Mr. Seimavula and Kono said, they have officially written the Sierra Leonean Embassy accredited to Liberia, LIS, Foreign Affairs Ministry Including the National Election Commission to put in place the necessary check points that will prevent other Nationals from melting into the democratic process of Liberia.
They are alleging that those people were recruited by Businessman Idrassa Mansaray. Their Campaign has also been buttressed by Mr. Sando Wayne, Simeon Taylor and other defeated candidates of the county and want the urgent intervention of those stakeholders and other international partners to stop others Nationals for making decisions for the people of Cape Mount and Liberia. They further that the Participations of Nationals, leads to the bad governance process of that nation.

By: Jenneh S. Kemokai (ID#80495)

Mas Communications Department, University of Liberia 

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