Between Power And Idea


When idea divorces power, it becomes glaringly obvious that power turns very raw, vain, mean, bitter, desperate and a non-achiever in the world of positive growth and development; free speech and academic freedom and persuasive innovation, rather quickly becomes the heartless provost master to all decently and widely acclaimed tenets […]

China Must Also Explain The WHY.


Amidst amazing stories, some deeply rooted in declared fake news, while others on propaganda stunts allegedly emanating from the quarters of politico-economic archrivals; coupled with the manner and velocity attending its spread, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the proclaimed cradle of the Coronavirus must with all respect to global […]

Govt. Must Be Sincere In Difficult Times


Since the ascendancy of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change’s administration, sincerity in information dissemination seems to be difficult for officials of government. Insecurity in information dissemination led to the much publicized missing L$15.5billion Liberian dollar banknotes in the country. Conflicting information from officials of government over the status of […]

It’s No Time To Joke And Laugh


From the strike of any imagination it is clearly written on the faces of over eighty per cent of the nation’s population that vibration from the querulous economy makes it no secret that indeed, these are not normal times and the more they wiggle to keep their heads at least […]

EDITORIAL: Let’s Think Twice On War Crimes Court


It’s good to ensure that people, who committed heinous crimes and crimes against humanity during the brutal years in the country, pay for their actions in a specialized court of law, but we must think twice in making such decision. We must think of the consequences, because some of those […]

Suffering In Silence


With the people’s wailing continues to be ceaseless and unattended to; as the nation’s image becomes grim while devised national policies place and position the Liberian society’s aspiration in abject poverty field of agony and imposed saddened disappointment; indeed, the looming threat of the country slipping from the track of […]

Shame Beyond Bearing


When the emotional comfort of the policies, decisions and moves of the governance system hit rock bottom and saddled with multiple huge public outcry and demands to call spade a spade, and shunning selective justice coupled with critical external scrutiny of performance and failure to divorce the shielding of cronies […]

From Israel With…


It is no doubt that the Liberian Leader, Dr. George M. Weah and entourage visited the Holy land of Israel when that country’ diplomatic plate is still craving for some cardinal connection of support from several, if not as many countries as possible to politically deep root the establishment of […]

Living On Greed, Sorrow And Despair


Unfortunately, it is grimly appalling that in a country of over 4 million wherein severe hardship, abject poverty and upright disregard for openness and honesty for public trust can be confronted with the achievements in so short a time by amassing massive political and economic power by a minute portion […]