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As LNBA Pushes Nwabudike Deportation

By R Joyclyn Wea
The Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) is pushing for the prosecution and deportation of Cllr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike for allegedly beating the system and presenting fake citizenship credential at the Liberian Senate during his confirmation hearing early March of this year.
LNBA requests for Nwabudike prosecution and deportation is contained in the institution amended motion to intervene that further buttress the Ministry of Justice response to dismiss his (Nwabudike) petition for Declaratory Judgment at the Civil Law Court.
On April 7, 2020 Cllr Nwabudike through his legal team filed a thirteen count motion for Declaratory Judgment before the Civil Law Court after Criminal Court ‘B’ and the Liberia Immigration Service revealed that they were unable to authenticate the counselor’s citizenship credential despite numerous searches.
The Counselor in his motion to the Court claimed he acquired his Liberian citizenship from the people’s court now known as the first Judicial Circuit Criminal Court ‘B’ during the People’s Redemption Council Government.
LNBA is the mother body of all lawyers in Liberia. The Institution claimed that Nwabudike curriculum vital is a product of fraud therefore he must be punished for his action by facing prosecution and deportation to Nigeria consistent with chapter 21, section 2110 of the alien and nationality law of Liberia.
The LNBA amended motion is a clear indication that Nwabudike legal license would be revoke as well as his membership being suspended.
Though the Bar is yet to come up with findings from the committee recently setup to probe into Nwabudike’s citizenship scandal, it believes this would serves as deterrent for others involved in the act of beating the system or acquiring fake Liberian citizenship.
Nwabudike was nominated by President George Weah in March of this year to serve as Chairman of the National Elections Commission, but his nomination was revoke following controversy surrounding his Liberian Citizenship status.
During his confirmation hearing the same being day before his nomination was revoke, Nwabudike informed the Liberian Senate that he is a naturalized Liberian citizen as the matter of fact he got naturalize in 1982 at age 17 though there is nothing to substantiate his claims. TNR

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