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Civil Servants Advance Proposal

-Want Gov’t To Regularize Payment System

The Civil Servants Union of Liberia (CSUL), is appealing to central government to regularize the pay system as civil servants are unable to fetch for their families.

Speaking with this paper in an exclusive interview at the Foreign Ministry in Monrovia, the President of CSUL Moibah Johnson disclosed that government’s pay system is very slow, thereby making it even more difficult for most civil servants to send their kids to school this academic year.

He asserted that life is becoming very challenging for civil servants in their respective areas of employment, as they are unable to meet the needs of their family; reason for the call to national government.

Johnson further said “rent payment, children school fees, hospital bills, these are things we are confronted with now.”

He also mentioned transportation as a major challenge that civil servants are facing across the country and need timely intervention.

“We are asking government to actually keep on salary payment because civil servants are not able now to send their children to school because the money is not there. We are only asking government to speed up the payment to make it regular so, we can have our salary received and to provide for our family because as we speak now it is difficult,” CSUL President.

The issue of delay salary is believed to be affecting thousands of people in the employed of government and if not timely addressed, this might lead to another citizen strike. TNR  

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