Falswar International Charity Inc Donates To PwDs


After several cries and called by older folks, the physically challenged and other underprivileged Liberians of dying needs as a result of starvation during the stay home action under the State of Emergency, People Living with disabilities including older folks have begun benefiting from charity donations from government, Charity Organizations like the Falswar International Charity Incorporated and other humanitarians in the Country.
As the declaration of the State of Emergency and the fourteen days stay at home continues, people living with all forms of disabilities in Monrovia continue to struggle for their existence in such a crisis in the country.
Since the declaration of the fourteen days stay at home action, people living with disabilities have been on various media outlets calling for food assistance and other anti-coronavirus materials in order to follow health protocols while at home.
COVID-19 in Liberia presents risks of infection and death for many people with disabilities in Monrovia and other parts of Liberia.

People with disabilities in Liberia are most marginalized and stigmatized even under normal circumstances.
People with disabilities including older folks who live at home often rely on individual’s gifts or offers to meet their basic daily needs including meals and hygiene.

Against this backdrop, the Falswar International Charity Incorporated Wednesday April 29, 2020 began the distribution of food to over hundred underprivileged Liberians in Monrovia.
The Falswar International Charity Incorporated is a nonprofit charity group founded by Liberians based in the United States of America aimed at helping vulnerable people in Liberia and other parts of the World.
According to the group, the over hundred individuals who benefited from the donation were selected from across Montserrado County after their assessment in several communities.
Speaking Wednesday during the distribution, Falswar International Charity Executive Director Joseph Edzii noted that the amount which is value over thousand united states dollars was donated by its members and executives based in the united states of America.
“The contribution was made possible by Liberians in the United States and other partners to help Liberians who cannot afford in these health crisis in the country,’’Edzii said.
According to Mr. Edzii, the charity donation is intended to put smile on the faces of vulnerable Liberians in these difficult health crises in Liberia and the world at large.
“Falswar International Charity will be doing this until we cover the entire country and someday extend our activities in other countries, but we want to impact our society first which is our focus for now,’’ Edzii explained.
Receiving the rice, a sixty five year old Tete B. Moore, one of the beneficiaries thanked the organization for identifying with them in such a difficult health crisis.
“I feel happy, I am so glad, I don’t even know what to say but all I can say is, a big thank you to the organization for helping me and my children,” she said.
Madam Moore explained that the donation came as a surprise, but called on government and other good will individuals to always identify with them in difficult times and in crisis noted that the donation is the first received since the health crisis.
Amelia Gbayou, a resident of Airfield Community upon receiving the rice commended the Charity group.
“I am happy ooo my son, I tell the people a big thank you for giving me this rice, me and children will survive on it now while we are at home,’’ she noted.
Jerry S. Dowan, a visually impaired believes to be age 20 expressed joy upon receiving rice.
“Well I just want to be thankful to this group for living by their words because we observed on several occasion people put our names down and play fun out of us but for this group, I pray for God to bless them more and more,” he said.
According to Dowan, he is surviving by begging in the streets on the daily basis as a result of lack of support from family and government.
“Let government think about us and take us from the streets because some of us done have eye and hand to survive. We just living by the grace of God,’’ he concluded.
The People Living with Disabilities want government make extra efforts to protect their rights and the rights of all Liberians in responding to the health crisis in the country.

Contributed By Alfred Kollie, alfredkolliejr92@gmail.com

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