Female Student Receives Scholarship


-For Brilliant Performance In Len Millar High School

A Female student of the Len Millar High School, The Salvation Army School System situated on 24th street Sinkor on Saturday August 17, 2019 received a full year scholarship for being the first out of two hundred and sixty one graduates 2018/2019 academic year.

Speaking during her valedictory address, Student Melvina Hograth   urged her colleagues to focus on their education sojourn if they are to be among the future leaders of Liberia that will assist in moving the country to another level.

According to her, spending more time on the social media has no benefit, adding that hard studies and being focused in life can take a person to a level that he or she was never contemplating on during his/her studies.

She also used the occasion to caution girls in Liberia to be patient in whatever thing they are engaged in and should not be deterred by detractors who aim are only to bring them down in society.

The 2018/2019 valedictorian also challenged women in Liberia to make a positive move that will change the direction of Liberia from negative to positive and will put Liberia back on the positive map of Africa.

Miss Melvina Hograth   concluded by challenging all women in and out of Liberia to always encourage themselves, noting that hard time will always come but there are always light at the dark spot of all conditions. She also lauded Dr. Emmanuel Urey for the kind gesture.

Meanwhile, the guest Speaker of the 19th graduating class of the Len Millar Jr and Senior High school of the Salvation Army School System, Dr. Emmanuel has described Liberia as a society where the wrongs are always glorified while the rights are buried under ground.

According to Dr. Urey Liberia will only move to another level when the upcoming generations take integrity as their working tools and those who are always violating are punished by the rule of law.

Dr. Urey, who is also the president of the Salvation Army Polytechnic (T-SAP), disclosed that corruption has killed more people in Liberia more than the fourteen years of civil unrest and the deadly Ebola disease.

The president of the Salvation Army Polytechnic (T-SAP) offered a one year full scholarship to the valedictorian if she is willing to attend the Salvation Army Polytechnic (T-SAP) or fifty thousand Liberian Dollars cash prize if she wants to attend different university.

The Len Millar High school was one of the schools in the country that hit the make of the WASSCE, according to the Principal the school sent about two hundred seventy one students and two hundred and sixty one passing clearly, 148 girls and 113 boys. The program was held at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship Center on 9th Street, Sinkor.

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