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“Free Jestina Taylor”

-Angry Protesters Demand & Cry For Justice From Govt.

Angry protesters Thursday, October 3, 2019 blocked traffic in Congo Town demanding the release of Jestina Taylor.

The angry citizens comprising young people used rocks, zinc, planks, grass, bar-wire, ladder and other dangerous weapons to block the main street thereby preventing the free movement of people.

Madam Taylor has over the period been undergoing medication at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital with heavy Police presence after she alleged of death threat on her life by some officials of Government.

It followed a social media post from her months ago linking the government to insecurity presence on her life including her family.

According to the protesters, Jestina was allegedly ganged raped by unknown individuals who were sent by some senior ranking officials of government, a claim that that can’t independently be verified, but they are demanding justice to take its course now.

The protest which started from the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Congo Town has now up till press time extended to the Old Road Junction around the Nigeria House / Embassy.

“We will not leave the street until our demands are met”, We will sleep here, stay here and ensure Jestina is released, said Noah Gibson, one of the protesters, a visually impede man.

According to them they came peacefully but it later turned to stone throwing episode as protesters and police were seen exchanging missiles in a drive to create the free flow of traffic while the protesters were on the other hand on the defensive provoking the police to splash more water on them as they continue with their stone throw on the officers who are so far tolerant with them.

The situation led residents in the Sophie and Catholic Community to stay indoors while businesses were packed and destroyed respectively.

The protest came barely a week after President George Weah addressed the United Nations General Assembly and raised issues of continuous protests in his Country despite efforts by his government to help address the core and fundamental issues of the People.

Medical sources who begged not to be named disclosed that Jestina will need foreign treatment to ensure she is properly well in health.

It can be recalled Police Spokesman Moses Carter clarified media report that the Government is not after the life of Jestina and that they are investigating some of the claims she has made against the government; something that prompted security presence at the hospital to ensure that she is protected while undergoing her treatment. Contributed by Julius Konton

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