Freedom for Dumoe at last


MONROVIA, May 15-The Ministry of Justice has ordered the release of Menikpakei Dumoe, a leading member of the Council of Patriots. A statement issued late Thursday said.

“Justice Minister Frank Musah Dean Jr. has ordered the release of opposition politician Menikpakei Dumoe,”  the statement said.

Dumoe was arrested on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 after a search of his home – which was sanctioned by the courts – for making comments deemed threatening to national security. 

Minister of Justice

Earlier this week, he posted on his Facebook page that poor people in Monrovia needed “Ak47s so that the government can take us seriously”. 

Minister Dean said “an investigation by the Joint Security Forces, which includes the examination of materials from Dumoe’s home, is continuing.”

Following the  search at his home, there was no weapon seen. The security said they only confiscated  some laptops and COVID-19 materials.

He said the government remains committed to protecting the fundamental rights of everyone, even as it grapples with an unprecedented health crisis and urges all to refrain from making incendiary remarks which could undermine the hard-earned peace. 

Following his arrest, there were series of calls from opposition politicians and lawyers  calling for his release.  TNR

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