Gov. To Arrest Costa


MONROVIA,  Nov 15–The Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs Eugene Fahngon, told reporters on Thursday that Talk Show host Henry Costa will be arrested upon his arrival in the country.

Costa has over the past time branded  government as corrupt and described president Weah as unfit, inept who has no sense of direction in leading the country. More over, he has plan to carry out mass  protest, which, he Costa said would lead to the president stepping down.

Costa  said on social media that he would return in December and challenged anyone to arrest him.

The deputy minister said no one is above the law.  “A democracy that does not follow the rule of law is bound to fail and, as such, the rule of law must be obeyed in our country,” Fahgon said.

He added, “Anyone who obstructs the arrest of Henry Costa will face the full weight of the law. This government’s plan to arrest Costa is unbending.”

He added that there was an arrest warrant for Cost. TNR


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