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Lethal Cocktail

-PYJ’s Futuristic Religious Vision Of Political Gloom & Doom In 2023, But…

Stuck in the claw of the controversy surrounding the establishment of a war crime court in the country, and despite his consistent and persisten tanti-posture coupled with discrediting and debunking the spirit of such court, Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ) has advanced the political fate of this nation to another chaotic level with the government’s credibility being slammed against the wall come 2023.

According to Nimba County’s Senator Johnson who is also an Evangelist while some people are day in and day out craving for the establishment of the war crime court in Liberia, he, been a man of God and a Preacher of the Holy Bible has had a vision that the ruling political party will definitely rig the presidential election in order to perpetuate itself in power.

At the same time, PYJ’s futuristic religious vision of political gloom and doom in 2023 has been viewed as ‘lethal cocktail’ which need not be taken lightly because been a closed associate of the CDC, and having campaigned and served as one of the key components in ensuring victory for this current government; and inspite of packaging such in a religious vision, the fact is there and clear, when “a blind man tells you that he’s going to stone you, keep in mind that he is either holding it in his hand or standing on the stone,” adding, “that is while there is no joke in snake’s mouth.”

However, the Presidential Deputy Press Secretary, Smith Toby in the Executive Mansion’s reaction noted that PYJ’s vision is misinterpreted and should go back on his dream bed and seek clarification from his Lord who gave him the vision because the government has no expectation of ever treading such unwarranted and dangerous path.

Deputy Press Secretary Toby also added that Evangelist Johnson lacks vision and far from existing reality.

Senator Johnson made the statement at a recent ceremony in Nimba County at the site of his university undergoing construction.

But observers remained too keen in allowing such statement from a well-placed and deep push and friend of the current political arrangement to go unnoticed whether the relationship has reached a dead-end and the unholy matrimony is in shambles.

Evangelist Johnson who took Weah before the election to see his (PYJ’s) Spiritual Father T.B. Joshua and to prophesize if he Weah would become the next President of the Liberia; has been seriously vocal about the establishment of the war crime court and declared all those pushing of it as foolish people including the President of the Liberia Bar Association, Cllr. Tiawon S, Gongloe, adding that no war crime court will be set up in Liberia, because the Accra’s Peace Accord signed provided a blanket clemency for all warlords.

PYJ at one point in time described the documentation of the establishment of the war crime court in Liberia as a trash and a worthless bundle of toilet tissues that need no attention.                                                                         TNR

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