Lockdown will Not Stop COVID-19 —–says Tolbert Nyenswah


The former  head of the Nathanial Public  Health Institute of Liberia, Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah

has warned  that the current lockdown of the city  by president Weah will not  prevent  the spread of the Corona virus.

He made the statement on Monday in an interview with Truth FM radio. He said, “you got to ramp up the testing capacity, the number of people tested on a daily basis.

“You lock down, it will not stop the disease. Contact tracers  need to move in there. You got to  ramp up the testing capacity. The umber of people tested on a daily basis is still low in Liberia,” he said.

According  to him, the health team is only dealing with one county for now and if it starts to deal with many, there is a high possibility of the number of cases increasing by the day or  weeks.

 Tolbert Nyenswah

“ We  are now dealing with one country, just imagine, if we start having more than one hundred  to two hundred cases in Monrovia,  I   assume  it may happen.”

He added, that the the reproductive numbers of  COVID 19, if there is one case you multiply that by  two point three  or three other cases. If Liberia   is having 49 to 50 cases right now in the communities that have not been tested of the disease, then it mans a lot.”

He  called on  everyone to follow the health protocols. But added, “with the lock down, it does not end  an outbreak. It is just a symptom. What is blessing Africa  and Liberia in particular is, we have a young population.” 

He called on stake holders to move faster as time was not in anyone’s favor. TNR

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