“Maintain The Peace”


-Rev. Francis Wantoe Cautions Liberians

Rev. Francis S. Wantoe of the Jubilee Praise and Worship Center Liberty Ministries is cautioning Liberians to uphold the peace and democracy of the country.

Delivering his sermon in the Jubilee Praise and Worship Center Liberty Ministries recently, Rev. Wantoe told the congregation that gone are the days where Liberians will kill one another, where their intestines were used as gates along the road and people (rebels) will argue over pregnant woman to know the sex of her baby.

After being commissioned as head Pastor for the branch of Jubilee Church in Duazon, RIA highway, Rev. Wantoe said those ugly and painful pasts according to him should never be repeated in Liberia.

He spoke on the theme: “which of my sons are you” and “which of the Christians are you”. His message was drawn from Gen. 27:21-24 and Luke 15:11-32.

Rev. Wantoe urged the young people of Liberia to put their youthfulness into use because time shall come the strength will no more be in them when aging.

Accordingly, Rev. Wantoe emphasized that maintaining the peace of this country is Paramount to everyone because the senseless civil war negatively affected the country and its citizens.

He admonished members of the Jubilee Praise and Worship Center Liberty Ministries to serve as examples of good Christian in their respective communities.

He moreover appealed to Jubilee members to contribute toward the expansion of the branches across the country. If Jubilee will grow according to him, it will take only members’ contributions in spreading the gospel in the world. Rev. Wantoe stressed that the economic difficulty the country is going through will one day come to an end; noting that Liberia is going through one of its tough times.

Rev. Wantoe and his wife were commissioned by Bishop J. Allan Klayee at the headquarters of the Jubilee Church on Old Road. Bishop Klayee told reporters after service that it takes God to have reached this far with the church. He averred that the Jubilee praise and worship center Liberty    Ministries has 41 branches across Liberia since its establishment in Liberia.

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