Pro-Poor Cripples Judiciary?


-Chief Justice Complains Over Lack Of Fund To Properly Function

The pro-poor agenda for prosperity seems not to only be affecting the economy but also the branches of the Government of Liberia.

One of those branches of government currently believed to be affected by the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development is the Judiciary Branch on whose shoulder the nation’s peace and stability rests.

This sector is most likely to transgress in its function due to limited support for the system to adequately function; that’s according to the Chief Justice of Liberia, Justice Francis S. Korkpor.

This might further lead to massive fraud, corruption, under performance and alleged tempering of judiciary actors to include: Judges, Justices, sheriffs, bailiffs, and court administrators among others.

The situation has led to the retaining of circuit judges at their various courts of assignment thus allegedly exposing them to corrupt practices.

“I like to say that our court is the angle of the society, if they do not function properly, the society will come to a standstill,” Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor asserted recently at the opening of criminal courts across Liberia.

The priest of the high court called on policy makers to see reason to focus more attention to the justice system as the current circumstance has the ability to jeopardize the rights of citizens.

This means that citizens would not be given free, fair, and transparent trail or justice because they are not well up to either bribe judges, or justices to favor them.

Chief Justice Korkpor acknowledgement of financial constrains facing the judiciary reason for which Circuit Judges are retained for this Term of Court.

Usually, the court rotates circuit judges to avoid corruption because when circuit judges get use to a particular area there is a likely would that he or she might impartially dispend justice either on the bases if friendship, or bribe and that they might not maintain their independence as require by the profession.

“Even though the decision is hard but, let the Circuit Judges remain where they are assigned until we get money to rotate them,” CJ Korkpor reluctantly said.

Justice Korkpor further bewailed, “We are facing challenges because of this, all circuit judges will remain at their assigned areas. The situation will change with time but, as it stands, there is no money.”

He cautioned judges to do their work properly and upheld their integrity despite the prevailing situation confronting the sector.

Legal experts fear that the condition will to a lager extent compromise the independence and workings of judges, court officials and the Judicial System in general. TNR

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