PYJ: I Was Provoked, Acted The Way I Acted


-Nimba County Senator PYJ Apologizes To Journalists For His ‘Rude’ Action

Sen. Prince Yormie Johnson

By Mark N. Mengonfia
Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson has publicly apologized for his ‘rudely’ behavior exhibited against journalists in Nimba, saying he was provoked.
The Nimba County Senator was heard in an interview conducted by journalist based in Nimba when he (Senator Johnson) rained insults on the reporter and the journalism community.
His apology comes at the time when the President of Nimba County Journalists Association, Kennedy Domah said since the incident occurred, the Senator has not shown any sense of regrets.
Domah said the action of the Lawmaker was not only exhibited against Melvin Suah, but all journalists in Liberia and as such; he was given 72 hours to publicly Apologize to the journalism community.
They have waited for over two weeks for the Senator to speak to the issue, but the Lawmaker has shown no regrets.
Responding to the Journalists’ claims, via a telephone interview on Truth FM on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, Senator Johnson said “As a man of God, I was provoked and I insulted, but I am sorry.”
He said “I was tempted and to resist the temptation that is why I acted the way I did.”
“Like I said to you, I admitted my wrong and I know that as a man of God I should be humble, but I was provoked by the reporter.”
Additionally, the Senator said when the incident occurred, he called Melvin, the reporter who interviewed him and made peace with him.
Senator Johnson who is considered as Nimba County godfather went on to say during the telephone interview that his cup overflowed, that was how he responded in a hash mood.
“The issue has been resolved, I am very sorry.”

He said he was worried about the COVID-19 and other national issues and he took medicine to have some rest,but his sleep was disrupted by the Journalist.
The Lawmaker is one of the users of the community radio adding that often he ( Senator Johnson) would call them to speak to the people of county.
This is not the first time for the Lawmaker to insult people of his County when he is asked about War Crimes Court.
Senator Johnson and Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe including other Representatives have been at each other esophagus for their disagreement and agreement about the establishment of War and Economic Crime Court in Liberia.

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