Rep Goshua Says Rice Shortage In Grand Bassa


By Mark Mengonfia
Grand Bassa County lawmaker, Thomas Goshua has alarmed over a shortage of rice and other basic commodities in the county.
Speaking at the time he was given five minutes to make his import on the State of Emergency, the Grand Bassa lawmaker indicated that as it is now, shops are going out of rice and other commodities; adding that there is a need to allow those businesses function for the good of citizens of Grand Bassa and other counties.
He indicated that there are trucks carrying goods that have been stopped at check points between Margibi and Grand Bassa counties on ground that they ( truck drivers, business owners) do not have passes to cross over to his County.
Rice in Liberia is a stable food for Liberians, and it is considered as political commodity which has caused civil unrest in the country over the years.

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