Starvation leads to COVID-19 patients escaping

Dr. Fallah, NPHIL boss

Tappita- Nimba-Two weeks without proper feeding coupled with poor accommodation has led to four people placed under quarantine to   walk out of the center.

The suspected people were quarantined at a local hotel, but there has been no proper feeding for them.

Besides the four, there were five persons who are still at the center, the relatives of the journalist, Jonathan Gayflor.

Some residents in Tappita told this paper Friday that all four of them forced their way out of the hotel early Friday morning.

“As I speak to you now, the people have forced their way from the hotel. There is no food to feed them. Many at times, only the local people can feel sorry for them to carry food to them,” a resident close to the quarantine center identified as Paul said.

It can be recalled that two weeks ago, the Jackson F. Doe hospital reported its first case. The victim was said to have died.

Another  eye witness  on the scene said: “I am seeing the people walking from the hotel. They  are all angry. They told people here that  there is no food for them. They are just in the place without food and the  sleeping condition is also bad.

When the Chief medical officer of Nimba County, Dr. Philip Saah was contacted by phone, he  admitted  that there  were some challenges. However, they were working on it.

“I can tell you that we have a situation there whether it was handled last night by the honorable . Sowabe, I can not say.  There is this guy-one Jojo we quarantined. He is  just refusing to be tested. He  said he  is a US citizen. Not  only that but he has influenced the others that have been quarantined  with him,” he said.

He added, “this guy is putting his foot down that no one enters the hotel. That is the frustration I am having. He has entered the 14th  days, but his attitude we can not let him go.  We can give him additional two weeks.  He was saying he would leave the place as if there is no authority on the ground. The rest of the things  are progressing. The response is okay.  Support wise, it’s  okay.  We are managing with the little resources that  are available. We are trying to work around it.” TNR

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