Woman Still Harbors Fear over Horrifying 1996 Incident


A Liberian rights advocate Ethelyn Q. Naiah said she still harbors fear ever since the alleged mysterious disappearance of her daughter Cecelia Nyan in 1996 during the heat of the Liberian civil war.

Cecelia’s alleged disappearance more than two decades has been linked to ritualistic practices. It has been reported that during the April 1996 debacle, Ethelyn and her children escaped to Nimba County. And she encountered some problems as the aunt of her daughter visited their home in Nimba and asked Ethelyn if her daughter would have the opportunity to visit them in the village.
Ethelyn who is a women right advocate said she later established that her daughter was forcefully initiated into the traditional Sande Society for the conduct of female genital mutilation FGM.
As a major advocate against female genital mutilations; she has organized meetings, forums and supported organizations to join the fight to eradicate FGM in Liberia. And she has reported threats as well.
Meanwhile, it is said that investigation into the alleged mysterious disappearance had little cooperation from those suspected of being involved in the saga.
The government of Liberia including previous regimes preceding the George M. Weah administration has not done enough to stop the act of Female genital mutilation which has and continues to get lashes from international rights groups across the globe.

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